Pentecost International is an international service of the Pentecostal Church in Lund (Pingstkyrkan). We are a family of friends from different nations.

Nonetheless, we have many shared interests, the most important being that we love and believe in Jesus.


We want to make Jesus known, believed, loved and followed. The mission is anchored on personal growth of each believer, mutual growth in the church, and growth in care for others in our communities.

It is therefore not surprising that we are happy when we meet new people in Lund and even happier when we can invite people to our gatherings.


Our vision is to be an international church where people love God wholeheartedly, care for one another and share God’s love with others.

Rather than simply tell about the life-changing love of Jesus, we want to be a people who care for, welcome, and support those around us in a way that can only be inspired by God.

It is our hope that when people visit our church or interact with us, it would lay the foundations for life-changing conversations, new relationships and ultimately, salvation in Jesus Christ.     


Sunday Celebration Service

The service is dedicated to worship, praise, testimonies, sermons and prayers. We have FIKA upstairs after the service. Join in at 2pm, except on a few Sundays when we have a joint service with other congregation at 11am.

We meet in the church auditorium (@ Stora Södergatan 25). Our meetings are in English and open to everyone. We invite you, your friends and your families. Welcome!   

Midweek Service

On Wednesdays, we meet to pray and study the Bible together. The evening session starts at 7pm - 8pm. you can join the service in person or online via our YouTube Channel.


We believe in one God, revealed in three persons: Father, Son and Holy Spirit

We believe that every person can have a restored, personal fellowship with God through salvation in Jesus Christ.

We believe that the believer's baptism involves the burial of the old nature and a resurrection to a new life in Jesus Christ.

We believe the church has the task of expressing God's love for the world through concrete actions, and to help people to receive restored relationships first and foremost toward God, and then to their fellow man and finally to all creation.

We believe that man was created all through good but out of freewill chose to sin and thereby lost fellowship with God.

We believe that the Bible is the word of God to all people and it is guiding principles for the believer.

We believe that the baptism of the Spirit is an experience that gives the believing power to be a witness to God and equips the believer for the life God intended.

We believe and patiently wait for the Lord Jesus Christ to return and gather together all believers to Himself and establish new heavens and a new earth where evil does not exist.



Pingstkyran (translated as Pentecostal Church) is one church with several congregations, under the leadership of our Head Pastor, Henrik Åström.

All the congregations come together for joint services on some Sundays in the year.


Volunteering is a great way to get plugged into church, contribute to developing the church community, and serve Jesus at the same time. Sometimes finding where to start from can be a challenge. The list below includes some of the many ways once can volunteer in church.


Join the prayer & intercessory team of the church. This team meets once every other week to pray for the church and specific needs of church members.


Periodically call & follow up with church members. Spend some time with members who may be unwell or are in the hospital and would like a visit.


Help to keep the church looking nice. Check that common /shared areas in the church are clean and fit for function before & after the service. It may include arranging chairs for prayer meeting upstairs or decorating the church for special sunday meetings.


Stand at the door to greet and hand out bulletins. Provide information about church & activities at the Welcome Table. Help with seating, ensure movement of people in the auditorium does not distract from the service.


Help with the setting the sound, lights and projection in your church. Even if you don’t have much experience with audio and video, you can probably learn all you need to know if you have any interest.


We partner with some grocery stores to make food (that would have otherwise gone to waste) available to people in need. You can dedicate some of your time and skills to pick up, transport, sort, repack and distribute the food.


Join the singers and the band who lead and assist the congregation in structured corporate praise and adoration during our services and other events. 


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